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Opening up for you: the path to achieving what you are truly capable of

Want your life to change so you can feel more secure, enjoy more variety, have greater recognition, improve your relationships, develop yourself or get pleasure in helping others?

You’re in luck!

There’s an active and enjoyable two day workshop that will give you the ideal structure and confidence to boost yourself to that next level and beyond.

·         Active and enjoyable – you will be stimulated and enjoy yourself as you learn new things and recognise the potential you have.

·         It’s simple – the steps you will learn are so simple you can avoid getting it wrong.

·         Increase your confidence – you will be supported as you identify what holds you back and learn to overcome it.

·         It gets results – imagine how confident and reassured you’d feel following tried and tested steps to reach your desired goals.

From surviving death and overcoming severe physical challenges, I have studied psychology for almost 30 years. In that time I achieved two doctoral degrees and helped change hundreds of lives in my role as a clinical psychologist. In 2008 I was awarded the OBE for the healing work I have done.

Through the years I have learned what holds people back and how to help them overcome their challenges and it’s these skills I would like to share with you.

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Over the past three years I developed and ran very successful courses where participants made the changes in their lives to raise themselves to new levels. Within two months, a recent attendee went from having no work coming in to having to employ another person to meet the demands of new business!

Really, I’m no different to anyone else. I grew up believing “I’m not good enough” and this affected my performance at school and in taking life’s opportunities. However I managed to find the right strategy and my growth was phenomenal. Anyone can overcome what holds them back if they can find the path; I would love to point you in the right direction.

There are a limited number of places on the two day course in Belfast (6-7 October 2012) so you can sign up now and pay only £397.00.

Grab this opportunity NOW to find your path to a different life – just click   Your Path

If you are hesitant, or even anxious about stepping away from what is familiar to you, you have another opportunity to make up your mind – and you can also meet me in person. I would like to invite you to a email me with a contact number and I can speak with you.

To your success,


Dr Michael Paterson OBE
PhD DClinPsych CPsychol AFBPsS



A 2 day weekend course in personal development



have more balance in your life


improve the quality of your relationships and other life experiences


learn more about yourself and know how to change negative patterns that hold you back,


identify what you want to achieve and receive and how to get it,


learn how to be more productive and successful in pursuing your goals.


Next course dates to be set


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My time spent on this course has made such a difference to me and I am still reaping the rewards of having attended this course in every aspect of my life.  Had brill time, many thanks Michael.
  Mary Kinnin

Achieving Your Maximum Potential provided crystal clear clarity amongst the fog of modern day living - worth every penny.

  Joan Higgins


It has been an interesting year, not at all plain sailing but a rich one with many lessons along the way.  Now I am a believer, and I know anything is possible if you put the effort in – it’s  closer than you think.  I only know this because I've been on the journey and experienced it myself.  I wish you the best of luck and success in the future with this programme.


Karen Morgan

A friend told me about Michael's course 'Achieve your Maximum Potential' saying 'I think you'd like it'  It took me a few months to do anything about it, but boy was I glad I did !!  Michael's relaxed style and approach to a subject that he is obviously passionate about coupled with his desire to help us resulted in a brilliant experience for me which I am now putting into practice..  Thanks Michael.
Amanda Kenny
I attended a course that Michael gave and have come away with some great tools to expand both my personal and professional life. Michael is a wonderful person who gives his expertise openly to help others improve themselves. I will continue to use Michael as a great advisor and confidant and could not recommend him highly enough.
  Victoria Murray

For the practical person – this course is a great money saver because you will never again think that ‘pampering yourself’ means  spending a fortune on facials or the hairdressers (yes they are enjoyable but temporary fixes for feeling good)


For the dreamer – this course makes your dreams become real building blocks.


For the indecisive person- prepare to begin to make some decisions.


Dr Michael Paterson presents this two day course as an enjoyable insightful process into how we can actually achieve our own individual maximum potential. This pampering session took me to the core of how I approach people and situations and made me realise what and who benefits from how I choose to interact. After this course you will become acutely aware that YOU are an individual who can contribute successfully to their own lives and to others! This course is not for the fainthearted because it causes you to ask questions of yourself that no-one can answer – except you. The only beauty of this is, Michael is there to help and guide you through this journey of self discovery. I would encourage everyone to do this course, so practical people, indecisive people and dreamers prepare to become achievers!

Grainne Perkins


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Freedom From Fear

A Half Day Workshop


Dr Michael Paterson OBE
PhD DClinPsych CPsychol CSci AFBPsS
Clinical Psychologist and Personal Development Coach


Do your fears hold you back from doing the things you want to do or achieve the success you are capable of? 

Join Dr Michael Paterson for an exciting and informative experience where you will learn why fear blocks you, how you can control it, and how you can use that energy to rise to new heights of confidence and achievement.

Dr Paterson is a successful clinical psychologist whose purpose is to free people from their limiting negative thoughts, uncomfortable emotions and limiting behaviours to allow them to achieve what they are capable of.  He appears regularly in the media and runs successful training courses throughout UK and Ireland.  Participants on his courses consistently evaluate them as excellent.

Opportunities to free yourself from fear:


Venue: Pinewood House, 46 Newforge Lane, Belfast BT9 5NW

Tel: 028 9066 1110 to register interest

or email us

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